Custom Surfboards

 Performance is everything.....

 If you haven't tried a Carabine board lately Long or Short then it may be time to  give one a try. There is over 20 models to choose from and as we make them on the premises, we can adjust most models to suit your height, weight and ability.

 If you're not sure, we have some demo models available, give one a try you'll be surprised......



Our aim is to finish your board better than anyone else can.  Combining this with best materials available we can achieve strength, resin clarity, desired weight and custom decals. We are confident our glassing will enhance your shape and the board will perform like it should and last the test of time.



 Simple... When it's broken, we fix it. Big or small. PU or Epoxy



We are a real surf shop not a fasion boutique, we only stock things you need to surf. Wetties, Rashies,  Board Bags, Leggies, Wax, Fins, Deck Grip.